Filing for Unemployment?

This website was designed to help you with your unemployment related questions. Over the next several pages you’ll find steps that you need take to start receiving your unemployment benefits, become financially stable, find ways to save money, and when you’re ready, we provide valuable resources to find your next job.

Unemployment occurs when a person is able and willing to work but currently without work. The prevalence of unemployment is usually measured using the unemployment rate, which is defined as the percentage of those in the labor force who are unemployed. In order to collect unemployment benefits you have to become unemployed with no fault of your own. However, there are some exceptions. It us required that you will look for a job full time while you collect the benefits.

To be eligible for benefits, you must meet your state's requirements for wages earned and for a certain period of time. This is referred to as your base period. In other words, you must have been substantially employed, as required by your states laws. But even if you didn't work for consecutive weeks, for the same employer, or in the same state, you may still be eligible to collect benefits. The state will determine your wages earned and asses what your weekly benefit amount will be. The amount you'll receive varies widely by state.


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